Why the cycle often goes astray on vacation and what to do about it

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The common aphorism about the mystery of the female soul is actually absolutely applicable to the body too. Despite the fact that anatomically the organism in the 21st century has been thoroughly studied, the processes of physiology are still not amenable to 100% control.

If you still try to trace the work of the female body, then the following scheme emerges: 1. Initially, our body is sensitive to any changes in the external environment: information from all interoreceptors (special nerve endings that respond to stimuli) enters the cerebral cortex, is processed and transmitted to the hypothalamus. If, for example, the temperature regime has changed very sharply, then this is already the reason for some, albeit minor, violations at all other stages. 2. One way or another, in the hypothalamus, at the second level, the so-called releasing hormones are formed – they are necessary for the female body to work smoothly at the next stage. 3. Releasing hormones, in turn, trigger the release of hormones by the pituitary gland – this can be considered the third level necessary for a full-fledged female cycle. 4. Under the influence of pituitary hormones in the ovaries, the actual production of sex hormones occurs. The ovaries, as everyone remembers from the course of school anatomy, undergo great changes during each cycle – the growth and maturation of the follicle, ovulation and the appearance of the corpus luteum occur in them. 5. At the fifth level, natural cyclical changes occur with the target organs (womb and mammary glands), which are familiar to every woman and bring so many inconveniences every month!

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