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Nature created this mechanism not by chance. Stretching in the morning after waking up is an innate reflex. It would be nice not to be shy and allow yourself to stretch every couple of hours after sitting motionless at the monitor. What do sips give us?

They start life processes throughout the body. Try to take a hose for watering the earth and pinch it anywhere – the water will not be able to pass through normally. The same is with our body, with our circulatory system. The body is permeated with billions of capillaries, but not all of them are open and filled with blood.

When you slept for 8 hours in one position (with slight variations), you flattened all the capillaries on your side (on your back, on your stomach – depending on your preferred sleeping position). When you then sat on the fifth point for 8 hours, you didn’t just pass the vessels in the designated area – your vertebrae, under the influence of gravity, also “sat down” on top of each other … The body operates on the principle: “To each according to his needs.” Therefore, when we sleep, our muscles are relaxed, the muscles receive exactly as much blood as they need for a normal existence at rest. When we wake up, the muscles have to lift the body, set it in motion, and for this they need more blood. If you immediately, as soon as you open your eyes, move the body to a vertical position, the body, of course, will cope, but the rest of the day will struggle with the consequences of this stress and experience overload. It’s like that watering hose, which we took as an example at the beginning of the article, is immediately supplied with water under great pressure: maybe nothing, or maybe it will burst.

To prevent such excesses, nature has programmed all mammals to sip. Immediately after sleep, the body, as it were, slightly strains almost all skeletal muscles, straightens the joints, straightens the spine – and thereby gives a signal to open the capillaries. The number of filled blood vessels in a resting and working muscle differs tenfold. Sipping is a preparation of the body for work, a kind of exercise, a warm-up before wakefulness. The usual, rationally conditioned and planned morning exercises will be difficult for you if you first did not allow yourself to sweetly stretch without getting out of bed.

So that we remember to stretch, this action in us (as in other mammals) is associated with the pleasure center. Sipping stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain – and this improves mood. And it has a positive effect on vision, taste and tactile sensations. That is, a person who is not stingy and spends 10 minutes on sips in bed after the alarm goes off will do the exercises better, and will have breakfast with great pleasure, and will feel more confident driving – and as a result, “wasted” 10 minutes will easily make up.

Our body itself knows how and what needs to be done in order for the awakening to be correct. According to physiologists, the first half hour after waking up decides what our mood will be like for the whole day. Sharp morning rises and excessive severity to yourself “there is nothing to lie down, otherwise you will be late!”) Can provoke a headache, fatigue and a bad mood for the whole day.

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