Why you can not cut vegetables and fruits

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Since the advent of the Internet, this issue has become one of the most discussed in culinary and medical forums. We have come across statements that everything depends on the quality of the metal – and modern stainless steel knives and scissors allegedly cannot cause significant damage to the quality of products. Often you come across advice not to cut greens and fruits, but to tear and break – then the cell membrane seems to be preserved and … So what?

Passion undertook to analyze the issue in detail. Moreover, in our time, many people prefer to buy products ALREADY cut:

  • in supermarkets: chopped and peeled vegetables and fruits significantly save us time when preparing lunches and dinners;
  • in healthy food delivery services: this helps to save both money and calories, because if you need one and a half potatoes and half an apple according to the recipe, you will pay for them, and not for two potatoes and not for a kilogram;
  • in take&go restaurants and coffee shops: on your way to work, you take a ready-made salad or fruits cut into beautiful cubes in plastic cups and you can have a snack without looking up from the monitor.

Sliced ​​fruits are slightly more expensive than unwashed and whole ones – so if time is more valuable to you than money, then why not?

And here’s why:

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