Why you stay young longer than your parents: 12…

Health Tips

aesthetic medicine

Previous generations did not have such happiness. Botox, biorevitalization, fractional thermolysis, fillers and other minimally invasive procedures allow you to maintain a young blooming appearance for a long time and avoid plastic surgery.

Reproductive technologies

While you have small children, you are young parents. Delayed parenting programs allow you to have your first child at the same age as your mother became a grandmother.

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And we are still talking only about the socially approved aspect of the problem. In fact, you can “rejuvenate” your intimate life without demographic tasks. Viagra and other similar drugs allow men to enjoy sex, while intimate simulators and HRT allow women to enjoy sex. Menopause, by the way, thanks to hormone replacement therapy, passes almost imperceptibly.

Fashion for fitness

It is for fitness, and not for sports of high achievements. Hypodynamia should be avoided in the same way as overloads. If you constantly maintain approximately the level of muscle activity that was characteristic of you at the age of 35, then you will be able to stay in good shape for a long time. Most importantly, don’t stop!

Nutrition and gerontology

The two most important factors in healthy aging are proper nutrition and proper movement. A diet without refined products, with a predominance of vegetables and legumes, with a reduced content of meat – this is what allowed the generation of our grandmothers to be more cheerful than the generation of our mothers. Try to eat like grandmothers – and you will live longer than mothers.

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