Widow’s hump: causes and ways to get rid of withers

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Why are widows here?

Already in ancient times, a similar hump began to be noticed in women over forty years old. It is now officially considered young people under the age of 44, and earlier, after forty, many were already widows. And now in the course of the opinion: the widow’s hump is formed in single women who have no one to “break” body fat.

The townsfolk are sure: such a withers is a kind of salt deposition. But doctors refute the stereotype: not salts, but adipose tissue in the area of ​​the seventh cervical vertebra (which is easy to feel). X-rays show that there are no changes in the spine with a widow’s hump: on the other hand, a pronounced thickening of the subcutaneous fat in the region of the transition of the cervical spine to the thoracic is clearly visible. Normally this should not be the case.

Who is at risk?

Much more often it is women who face the widow’s mound. This is because in men and women, typical fat deposition occurs in different zones: according to the genoid (in women) and android type. After menopause, estrogen and progesterone levels drop significantly. As a rule, a “wen” appears in women during menopause, when hormonal changes in the body occur. And then the fat is deposited not only on the hips and buttocks, but also in the collar zone.

The problem of the humpback is far from being only aesthetic. After all, the fatty collar prevents proper blood supply to the brain. Often, women with a similar problem have high blood pressure. And yes, it would be wrong to say that the withers are typical only for women during menopause and overweight. This problem (less often, but still) is also faced by young women, even teenage girls. The reason for this may be injuries or the same proliferation of adipose tissue.

How to get rid of withers?

The most popular ways are:

  • massage course;
  • diet;
  • physiotherapy: ultrasound therapy, impulse currents, shock wave therapy.

If we talk about the latter, then they will need at least 10-15 – in combination with therapeutic exercises and dietary restrictions. And yes, some are sure that liposuction will help. Many doctors agree: no, the effect will be temporary, because the fat will grow again. Only a set of measures.

“Now they have come up with many ways to get rid of this hump – they even use a laser. But from my own experience I will say: you need a course of massages. Do not be too lazy to look for a good massage therapist who will break this mound for you with his hands. Not right away, it will take several months. Plus, I always recommend losing weight: you don’t need to starve, it’s enough to stop eating after 19:00, give up flour. You need to lose weight, because the hump is the deposition of fat.

help yourself

You can try doing massage at home by asking someone close to help you. How right? The woman sits on a chair with her back to the massage therapist, her head resting on her hands. You can lean on a pillow – it will be more comfortable. You will need a warming ointment, such as Capsican (be sure to read the instructions and the list of contraindications!) The movements should be warming, rubbing: from top to bottom, from the neck to the shoulders. After the massage, do not forget to wash off the ointment well from your hands.

How to avoid hump?

A problem is almost always easier to prevent than to solve. Moreover, nothing complicated is needed. All you need is:

  • monitor posture;
  • control weight;
  • purchase an orthopedic pillow;
  • do gymnastics with an emphasis on the shoulder girdle and collar zone.

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