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According to one American study, low-earning women often suffer from migraines. But not all neurologists agree with these results. Successful people who have realized themselves in the profession often suffer from migraine. After all, the triggers of this pathology are different. Speaking of the rich and famous, Serena Williams has suffered from migraines for years. According to the titled tennis player, she experiences severe headaches regularly, including during training and matches. The athlete, of course, cannot afford to lie in a room for a day without sunlight. Serena has been taking drugs for more than one year, which at some point even began to officially advertise.

Williams has learned to live and work with migraines. But to endure pain that reduces the quality of life is definitely not worth it. It’s easier to go to an appointment with a neurologist.

Migraine Triggers

It is impossible to determine the presence of a migraine on your own. If there are suspicions or unknown headaches, it is better to immediately seek support from a specialist, namely a neurologist. It is believed that if half of the head hurts, then this indicates a migraine condition, but in fact, such a criterion is not enough to be sure. There are a lot of symptoms associated with the disease, and only a specialist can figure out how the patient’s condition corresponds to each of them. Before seeking advice, it is necessary to collect a complete medical history, record recent blood pressure readings, and keep a headache diary. The collected data will contribute to a thorough examination, and if additional research is needed, the doctor will make the necessary appointments. When all prescriptions and recommendations are fulfilled, a final diagnosis can be made.

When it comes to migraine, then this must necessarily be preceded by some event, or, in other words, a trigger. The latter is food or situational. It is generally accepted that an undesirable state can be caused by the use of red wine, chocolate, cheese, fatty and those products that have a high extractivity – seasonings, juices, wine, cognacs and other alcoholic beverages containing many extracts. A situational trigger is associated with a psycho-emotional experience, excess or shortage of food – including short-term – excessive physical activity, which is not a conditional norm.

Migraine with aura: what does it mean?

A major role in the occurrence of migraine is played by psycho-emotional and physical exhaustion. The first thing that contributes to the detection of migraine is lack of sleep. A person must sleep little to feel the symptoms of the condition. Physical rest for at least 8 hours a day is also a prerequisite to avoid a migraine or any other headache. Work should always alternate with rest: a period of recovery after illness or an interval after long or monotonous work should always be replaced by rest – both physical and mental.

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It is believed that the predecessor of migraine, in contrast to headache, is the aura. The surprise is in the binary, because migraines can occur with or without an aura. What is an aura? An aura can be various visual images, hallucinations, visions, flashes of light, spots – everything that can irritate visual analyzers. Auditory changes – when a person hears non-existent sounds, conversation – nausea, severe anxiety and fear – there are circumstances preceding a migraine. If after the described conditions a headache follows, then we can safely say that this is a migraine with aura.

What to do with a migraine

Any remedy that relaxes and calms can be used as a migraine treatment. It can be sleep, long rest, physical, psychological and social well-being.

You need to understand that migraine is not a disease, but a syndrome complex that can complete or accompany any existing disease. In many cases, migraine is not inferior to independent diseases, but acts as a syndrome against the background of other severe disorders and disorders.

The prolonged existence of a migraine headache always turns into an independent disease, that is, it degenerates into a complex state of “sterile” pain, physical and mental suffering. Often, patients who allow migraine to degenerate into such a state experience suffering from the latter, and not from the ailment itself. Prolonged interaction with the above paroxysms is quite capable of leading to psychological confusion, because, as a rule, after a certain period of being in an unfavorable state, a person begins to wait for him again and again, as a result of which anxiety disorders, fear, anxiety can occur. The patient falls into a psychological trap: he knows that he will soon face pain, fear arises, and in some situations this condition provokes a disruption of the heart and endocrine system.

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