Women’s question: how easy is it to forget about pain on critical days?

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How often does a colleague or friend approach you for a painkiller pill? Like, these days, well, you understand … And how often do you yourself face a dilemma: endure cramps and pulling sensations in the lower abdomen or, again, look into your first aid kit for an analgesic?

We are accustomed to perceive menstrual pain as something inevitable, believing that nature has ordered it that way, but the discomfort of special days pretty much spoils our mood and well-being. Is it possible to relieve discomfort without the help of drugs? Indeed, sometimes it is not only a matter of a conscious desire to abandon “chemistry”, but also of possible adverse reactions, including allergies, and contraindications that do not leave a chance to cope with pain with medication.

We offer to find out everything about this delicate issue.

Why is there discomfort these days?

The menstrual cycle, as you know, is the monthly preparation of the body for pregnancy. To find the causes of pain during menstruation, you need to get an idea about all the stages and processes of the cycle. The ovulatory phase is the middle of the cycle. At this moment, the body begins to prepare for a possible pregnancy: the level of hormones changes, the follicle matures and breaks, from which the egg ready for fertilization comes out, the endometrium, the inner lining of the uterus, increases and swells.

If fertilization does not occur, these processes gradually stop. The endometrium begins to die, the hormonal balance shifts again. The game of hormones makes us aware of the PMS syndrome, about which there are so many sad jokes for women …

The uterine tissue, preparing for the process of self-cleansing, begins to produce prostaglandins in increased quantities – chemicals that stimulate its contraction and, accordingly, the removal of dead layers of the endometrium. Prostaglandins are the very culprits of pain and spasms that prevent us from fully enjoying life for several days a month! They cause increased tone, which results not only in pain in the lower abdomen, but also nausea, indigestion, headache, sweating, chills … How to support the body these days and get rid of discomfort?

Ways to get rid of pain during menstruation

You can permanently get rid of painful periods by taking a hormonal course that corrects the balance of prostaglandins in the body. But this decision must be discussed with the doctor, since interference with the hormonal system is always serious.

In addition to hormonal therapy, there are also milder, more gentle on the body ways to cope with pain during menstruation.

herbal medicine

Convinced opponents of pills or those whose body has developed an addiction to analgesics and does not feel their effects, herbal decoctions and compresses seem like a panacea. However, remember: you trust recipes found in a magazine, book, or the Internet. Your most valuable asset is your health. Therefore, before each course of herbal treatment, it is necessary to consult with specialists: will your doctor approve such experiments? The case can end not only with allergies, but also with cycle failures, increased bleeding, which will have to be stopped with medication …

Laughter therapy and the joy diet

The safest and most enjoyable way to relieve pain is to increase the flow of endorphins, or hormones of joy, into the bloodstream. To sincerely enjoy life even in the first days of menstruation, you can watch your favorite comedies in the evenings, listen to light relaxing music, hang a few positive notes to yourself with funny emoticons on the monitor (or set something similar as desktop wallpaper on a tablet, smartphone).

Our body can get endorphins from food. The diet of joy necessarily contains chocolate, ice cream and bananas as natural sources of endorphins.

warm care

Heat helps to relieve pain during menstruation and stop cramps. While at home, it is best to make yourself a heating pad. A good option is a light self-massage: the hands should be warm, and the laying on of the palms is best alternated with stroking. You can take a warm shower, gently massaging the pulling area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe abdomen with water jets.

Important: watch the temperature! An overheated heating pad can cause skin burns, and too hot water can increase bleeding (this will speed up menstruation, but there is a high risk of causing severe dizziness and a general feeling of weakness due to increased blood loss). And most importantly, in no case should you warm the abdominal area for a long time if you have cysts, tumors or fibroids.

Outside the home, it is convenient to use a special warming patch to relieve pain and cramps during menstruation FRAUPLAST. It contains only natural ingredients – iron powder, activated carbon, wood shavings and salt, so it is suitable even for those who avoid the use of synthetic drugs.

FRAUPLAST has no side effects and is absolutely safe, unlike the same painkillers. It is completely invisible under clothing and easy to use. It is enough just to stick it on your underwear before leaving the house, and for the next six hours you will feel pleasant warmth, which in 15–20 minutes will carefully and gently relieve all unpleasant pain sensations. If FRAUPLAST becomes your little secret on special days, people around you will never guess about your delicate state by your mood or well-being.

May your self-care these days be especially warm, and let discomfort be a thing of the past!

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