Yoga is for everyone! “Dumpty” Jessamine Stanley vs. Fitonies

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In 2012, tired of being ashamed of her own body, she decided to take up yoga. But everything was so bad that she did not even dare to go to the hall: so many condemning looks – who could stand it?

Jessamine decided to practice at home “for herself”… Five years later, she became a certified yoga teacher, bestselling author of Yoga for Everyone, and has almost 300,000 followers on Instagram. And she hasn’t lost any weight. She likes to refute the idea that all the troubles are from obesity, that fat people are inactive and sick. She is flexible, mobile and absolutely healthy. Stanley believes that the ideal yoga instructor (as, indeed, any fitness instructor) should not look like a picture from a glossy magazine. After all, when people with their BMI>25 come to the gym and see a fitness trainer, what do they want? Wash off immediately.

It is quite another thing to come to the hall and see Jessamine there, easily getting up on the bridge or sitting on the splits. “Well, even if she could, then I definitely can,” you think and stay. Although this “even she” is the main scourge of all fat people. The culture of the last three decades has been formed in the regime of fat-shaming: not only doctors do not approve of fat people, but all decent citizens consider it their duty to show them contempt and hostility. Everything is so terrible that the owners themselves (and especially the owners) of a high BMI are ashamed of themselves and spend their lives fighting with themselves. Question: who wins this fight? And who will be defeated?

Jessamine has repeatedly explained to her fans that she chose yoga from all types of fitness because its meaning is not in correcting the body, but in accepting oneself. Yes, and his body too – the way it is, and not the way “normal people” tell him to be.

Normality is generally a relative concept. Stanley resigned herself and took it for granted that not all of her social media followers come for inspiration. Approximately one in three comes to express their “fi”.

When well-wishers ran up to Passion in “The Real Story” about a girl who struggled with anorexia with comments, who saw that “10 kg is clearly superfluous”, we were surprised and upset. But after looking through the social networks, they found that this is really a trend: a person who “made himself in the gym” is simply unable to get past the fat one (as long as it is called that) and not speak out. In the comments to Stanley, fighters for a healthy, slender body also regularly resort. They openly mock, shame, point out shortcomings. But the guru of “full yoga” does not ban them. And it doesn’t always dignify the answer.

In principle, this is a separate phenomenon worthy of study. Who is the most aggressive towards people who dare to be happy at their weight? Recently lost weight! Those who have never been fat, or those who were fat, but did not have time to get upset about this, because family-love-work-travel, are not particularly interested in discussing (let alone condemning) someone else’s complexion. In the fitness cult, as in any religion, neophytes are especially atrocious. They are really offended: they suffer, deny themselves food, overcome obstacles every day and groan from muscle pain, and some fat woman just lives and rejoices.

100 years ago, when there were no social networks and Jessamine Stanley, we had Faina Ranevskaya. It was she who said: “I noticed that if you don’t eat bread, sugar, fatty meat, don’t drink beer with fish, then the muzzle becomes smaller, but sadder.” And if happy people start to annoy you, you may need a break.


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