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Yoni steam

This newfangled procedure has many different names: yoni-stim, vaginal bath, V-steam. But in the end it comes down to one thing – steaming the vagina.
A woman without underwear sits on the so-called “yoni throne” – a chair with a hole located exactly under her vagina, and receives directed herbal steam directly into her female womb. For V-steam, as a rule, herbal preparations from chamomile, calendula, wormwood and oregano are used.

Yoni stim devotees believe that this bath cleanses the vagina and uterus, regulates menstruation, and relieves cramps and bloating. In addition, it is believed that such steaming relieves stress, fights depression, helps with infertility, and also restores hormonal balance and kills infections.
However, there is not a single scientific evidence for all these healing properties. So, Vanessa McKay, press secretary of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG), does not recommend yomi-stim, and calls all its medicinal properties nothing but a myth.

The fact is that our vagina is a self-cleaning organ and does not need a “general cleaning”. It contains certain bacteria that protect it. If the balance of these bacteria and the PH level are disturbed, it can lead to infections such as bacterial vaginosis or thrush, as well as inflammation. As for the action of herbs, even if they have healing properties, there is no evidence of their effectiveness: the cervix is ​​tightly closed, which prevents penetration into its cavity.

According to representatives of official medicine, a vaginal bath not only does not carry medicinal properties, but can also be fraught with danger. For example, hot steam can easily burn the delicate skin around the vagina. And if you abuse the procedure during pregnancy, it can adversely affect the growing fetus. To relax the perineal area, you can take a warm shower or take a bath. For a daily feeling of freshness, it is enough to wash the vulva area with warm water.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Another of the most fashionable procedures today is intimate plasmolifting. It consists in injecting platelets from a woman’s own blood into her vaginal tissues, which, in theory, should stimulate the rejuvenation of the clitoris and vagina and lead to a more intense and high-quality orgasm.

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists doctor Naomi Croush said there is no scientific evidence or research to support that injecting a woman’s blood into her clitoris increases the chances of an orgasm.

Difficulties with orgasm can be caused by a number of physical or psychological problems, including lack of stimulation, lack of experience or fear of sex, depression, relationship problems, menopause, and others.

Sparkling Vagina Bombshells

Shiny Vaginal Bombs are one of the latest additions to the women’s health market. They are an alternative to panty liners used to protect underwear from natural secretions caused by vaginal acidity. In addition, the capsule is filled with gelatin and edible glitter made from sugar, along with other ingredients. Therefore, as planned by the manufacturers, vaginal bombs make the natural vaginal discharge sweet to the taste, retaining its effect for up to 5 days. They should be inserted into the vagina at least an hour before having sex, or just before showering and bathing, so that the steam from the water helps to melt them.

Despite their popularity and manufacturers’ claims that they are completely safe, vaginal bombs are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and few gynecologists recommend them. It is known that bacteria tend to multiply intensively in sugar, and plastic microparticles from the capsule shell can cause inflammation of the vaginal walls.

“Ink nuts”, or “oak apples”

Oak galls, also called “ink nuts” or “oak apples”, are formed when a particular species of wasp lays its larvae. It is popularly believed that, when crushed into a paste, these nuts help to strengthen and tighten the vagina. That is why many young mothers diligently smear this paste over the vagina immediately after childbirth, and also take these fruits in capsules.

However, doctors deny the effect of “oak apples” and are categorically against their use. All they do is dry out the vagina, removing the protective mucus layer, thereby not only opening the gate for infection, but also making the first postpartum sex even more painful.

jade eggs

Gwyneth Paltrow herself praised the miraculous jade eggs and sang an ode to them. Her health website claimed that holding jade eggs in her vagina increased the number and quality of her orgasms, increased libido and vaginal muscle tone, and improved hormonal balance and “feminine energy” in general. Due to its good thermal conductivity, jade is able to both warm up and cool the environment in which it is located, thereby regulating the optimal temperature of the vagina.

Scientists, on the other hand, treat the “stone of female power” with irony, to put it mildly, stating that none of its properties listed above have ever been officially proven anywhere, however, as well as the fact that training the vagina with jade eggs is a secret ancient practice. .

Worth a try

Keeping the vagina healthy does not require expensive procedures. Natural care, traditional exercises and some simple rules are enough.

But what doctors do not get tired of recommending is kits for strengthening the pelvic floor. Thanks to high technology, traditional Kegel exercises have moved to a whole new level. Silicone sensors inserted into the vagina help not only to measure the force of muscle contraction, but also to plot your progress.

The new sets for these exercises include special balls with a load, the compression of which ensures the correct execution of the exercise. After all, often many women, thinking that they are contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor, actually strain the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. As the muscles strengthen and move to the next level, heavier and heavier kegel balls are used each time.

Rules for good sex

Regular sex is essential to keep your vagina healthy. The vagina is a closed muscular canal that runs from the vulva, external genitalia, to the cervix. Like any other muscle in our body, the vagina needs exercise.

Sex at least once a week will help maintain muscle tone and elasticity of the vaginal walls. If you don’t have a partner, then try to masturbate a few times a week, be sure to orgasm, to get the same vaginal health benefits. In order not to depend on one type of stimulation, use various methods of self-gratification, both with a vibrator and with your fingers.

To avoid bacteria entering the urinary tract, try to empty your bladder before and after intercourse, especially if you are prone to cystitis.

Don’t have penetrative sex until you’ve pitched your tent.
Foreplay is not a luxury at all, but a real necessity. The fact is that the average depth of the vagina is about three to four centimeters. Muscle tension that occurs during arousal, as it were, stretches the uterus upward, creating a shape resembling a tent. Thus, the vagina expands, and sex becomes more comfortable.

Use a quality lubricant. Vaginal dryness is the main cause of painful sex. The use of a lubricant helps to reduce discomfort and protect the delicate walls of the vagina from small tears and cracks.

Never have vaginal sex immediately after anal sex. Bacteria in the rectum can upset the balance of the microflora in the vagina and cause infection. Therefore, if you decide to have vaginal sex immediately after anal sex, ask your partner to change the condom or wash the penis thoroughly.

Day after day care

To maintain a healthy microflora of the vagina, it is very important that it “breathe” and be cool. To do this, try to wear 100% cotton underwear, as it is breathable and absorbs moisture well, thereby maintaining the ideal temperature.

For daily care, do not use “feminine” sprays, vaginal deodorants, fragrance oils, bath foam and oil, talcum powder, scented wipes and perfume soap. All of them disrupt the balance of microflora and can cause irritation.

A healthy vagina has a neutral, slightly sour, but not repulsive odor, so there is no need to mask it with cosmetics. A strong smell is a reason to see a doctor. It may be a symptom of bacterial vaginosis, which can be easily treated with antibiotics.

Do not take antibiotics without indications

Taking antibiotics increases the risk of a vaginal yeast infection. By killing both pathogenic and beneficial bacteria, they disrupt the balance of the vaginal microflora, stimulating the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, if antibiotics cannot be avoided, it is advisable to drink probiotics at the end of the course to restore the natural balance of microflora. Other medicines can also affect the health of the vagina. So, antihistamines dry out the mucous membrane, including the vagina, and antidepressants reduce sexual desire.

go in for sports

Physical exercise improves blood circulation and provides blood flow to the genitals, which is essential for sexual arousal and maintaining the elasticity of the vaginal walls. However, be careful with some sports.

For example, cycling or cycling, while being a great way to maintain overall well-being, can negatively affect the health of the vagina and vulva. Hard bike seats can cause genital numbness. Therefore, if possible, wear special padded cycling shorts.

Get tested

The American Academy of Family Medicine recommends that all women between the ages of 25 and 64 should be tested for cervical cancer at least once every three years. Regular smears will help to identify any abnormal changes at an early stage and take appropriate measures in time.

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