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It is generally accepted that onions are a common vegetable. In fact, there is a whole “onion family” where you can find many “relatives”: these are batun onions, and slime onions, and leeks, and chives, and fragrant onions … With some of them we and try to get to know each other. In particular, we will learn about their beneficial properties – after all, during the period of respiratory diseases, this numerous onion family will be very useful to us!

Although there are many different types of this unique “doctor”, we mainly use a small part of them: onion – in soup, and green – in salad. But even so, it’s already good – after all This valiant vegetable contains a huge amount of nutrients. For example, it contains more sugars than apples and pears. Even hot onions contain up to 14% sugars.

Onions are widely used in folk medicine

Previously, it was generally considered a divine plant. Ancient physicians claimed that onion, due to its bitterness, strengthens the stomach, stimulates appetite. BUT a mixture of onion juice with honey helps with sore throats. You need to drink such a solution for 1 tsp. 3-4 times a day. And you can use just freshly squeezed juice – it is also very effective for sore throats.

By the way, this unique vegetable helps not only to cope with some ailments, but also perfectly purifies water. If you throw pieces of onion into it, the water will get rid of the unpleasant odor.

But, Despite the many beneficial properties of onions, people suffering from kidney, liver and heart diseases should use it carefully. Those who use are doing the right thing.


This type is also recommended for many diseases. There are more vitamins and carotene in it than in onions. Leek has a remarkable property – during storage, the amount of vitamin C in it increases significantly (from 35 to 85 mg). In all other vegetables and fruits, the content of this vitamin, on the contrary, decreases, so that leek is really unique. It can be eaten raw, but more often it is sautéed in olive oil or butter. At the same time, it does not lose its beautiful color – more precisely, a combination of colors: white, yellow, dark green.

And here green onion leaves – batun contain 2 times more vitamin C than in the usual green onion, grown from turnips. Long, juicy and tender slime onion leaves are superior in taste to all other types of green onions. In addition, they are very rich in vitamin C and iron.

Of course, this list does not exhaust the onion variety. And if you use different types of it, especially in the cold season, you will not be afraid of any diseases.

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