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Reasons for removing a nevus

Let us explain: moles, or nevi, are congenital and acquired. The first appear on the skin of a child in the first two years of life, acquired – from about the age of ten. Moles can be of different sizes, shapes, colors – these characteristics can change over the course of life. Moreover, they need to be monitored and, in case of a suspicious change, do not postpone a visit to the doctor. It is worth remembering that approximately 20% of melanomas develop against the background of nevi. And if you notice the appearance of a mole after forty years, then this is an immediate reason for a visit to a dermato-oncologist.

Before removing a mole, you need to understand its nature: is it benign or threatens to develop into a malignant formation. In the first case, the cosmetologist is engaged in the removal and the goal is aesthetic. In the second, the doctor will perform dermatoscopy and histological examination (examination of tissue under a microscope), and then decide which type of therapy to choose.

Nyusha and Brezhnev lost their signature moles

Among the stars there are many who removed moles for aesthetic reasons, and those for whom it has become a necessity. Of the Russian stars, the singer Nyusha and Vera Brezhneva have recently lost their trademark moles. The first honestly told the fans that the mole above the upper lip had been part of her image for a long time – they were good together, but it was time to leave. Nyusha decided that she no longer wanted to see her on her face. “In short, the era of the mole is officially over! She was with me all my life, we looked good together, but both outgrew this relationship, ”the singer wrote on the social network. She also told subscribers how she chose a doctor for the procedure. And advised in the presence of the same problem to consult at least three specialists.

Vera Brezhneva did not make official statements, but fans noticed that the singer’s face had lost two moles. The performer mentioned in an interview with reporters that she removed the nevi for aesthetic reasons – under local anesthesia and without unnecessary regrets. And not only on the face, but also on the body. Apparently, the singer was afraid that moles could pose unnecessary risks over time.

Sarah Jessica Parker: removed a mole and has no regrets

Fans of “Sex and the City” remember the lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker with a mole on her chin – she did not spoil the actress at all. But at some point she decided to get rid of it. This happened a certain number of years ago and the actress never regretted her decision. And fans are now waiting for the continuation of the popular series and do not get tired of discussing the changed appearance of Sarah Jessica and her colleagues…

khloe kardashian skin cancer

If Parker removed the nevus for aesthetic reasons, then Khloe Kardashian had to do it for health reasons. The girl was diagnosed with skin cancer – fortunately, at an early stage. It turned out everything at the appointment with a dermatologist, to whom the TV presenter turned to remove a mole under her breasts. The specialist was interested in other nevi on the girl’s body – in particular, formations on the back. In fact, Chloe survived the operation, as a result of which she was removed, in her own words, 20 centimeters of skin. This happened a few years ago, since then Kardashian has been regularly seen by her doctor so as not to miss new nevi.

Hugh Jackman: basal cell carcinoma

Hugh Jackman has been living with a diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma since 2013, the most common form of epithelial malignancy of the skin. Basalioma almost never gives metastases, but there is little pleasant – the diagnosis requires observation by a doctor. Recently, we spoke in detail about this disease using the example of Natalya Senchukova and Viktor Rybin – they successfully overcame it.

The Hollywood actor had moles on his face removed six times, which posed a potential danger. And every time he shared his feelings with followers, posting a photo with bandages on his face. Jackman strongly recommends that everyone use a high-protection sunscreen and see a doctor if they notice new moles or changes in the size of existing ones on the skin. He went to the doctor only at the insistence of his wife – this greatly facilitated the work of doctors. Now the actor is a regular client of his dermato-oncologist. “Every three months I go through a checkup. Now this is the norm for me. Doctors say that perhaps the cancer will reappear, and, well, if this is my cross, so be it, ”the celebrity shares with fans.

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